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Road Safety Tips

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Road Safety Tips For Pedestrians

Pedestrians are subjected to higher risks of road crashes and injuries. Hence, it is of utmost importance for pedestrians to be at the vigil and use the following safety tips while using the road.

Road Safety Rules For Children

Parents must keep in mind the dangers on our roads, and ensure to take extra care of their children while driving, riding, or even crossing the road. Here are certain life-saving tips to protect our children when using the road.

Road Safety Tips For Two-Wheeler Riders

The issue of road safety is very important for all two-wheel riders as they constitute the largest casualty group among all road users.

Road Safety Tips For Cyclists

People in recent times are opting for cycles as a mode of transportation as it is cost-effective, environment-friendly and benefit one’s health. However, cyclists are also subjected to similar vulnerabilities on roads.

Driving Tips - How To Drive In Foggy Conditions

You should avoid driving in the fog as reduced visibility increases the risk of accidents. But, if you do have to drive in foggy conditions please follow these basic tips.

Emergency Care Numbers

If you meet with an accident or if you encounter someone who has met with an accident, call for help. Here are the emergency numbers.

Help Others In Case Of Emergency

If you witness an accident, please DO NOT drive away. At the very least, call for help. You can also help the victim by saying soothing words such as "You will be fine", "It’s not a major injury", "Help is on the way", etc.

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