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Road Safety For Children


As a parent, safety of your child is your prime concern. You take steps to protect her when you are at home. But, what about when she is outdoors, especially on the roads?

Unlike you, your child does not have the maturity to understand the concept of danger on the roads. This makes it even more unsafe for her.

Teach your child about road safety as soon as she is old enough to step out of the house.

Learn more things about road safety from this ClipBook.


Road Safety For Children

Even if you don’t use a car, you and your child will probably be around roads and vehicles quite a bit. This guide to pedestrian safety and road safety will help you keep your child safe around cars, driveways, roads and car parks.

Important Road Safety Rules To Teach Children

It's really important to ensure that children have a good understanding of basic road safety when they start walking around the local and city streets without you accompanying them.

Road Safety For Children Under Seven

By setting a good example, you can ensure your child remains safe and develops road and traffic awareness. You might also want to follow these simple tips when crossing the road with your child.

Road Safety For 7 To 11 Year Olds

By seven years, your child may still be holding your hand as you walk her to school. A few years later, she may be going to school without you. This guide suggests ways your child can be independent while staying safe.

Cycling Safety For Children

The number of children cycling to school alone has rapidly decreased over the past few decades, largely because parents worry about traffic danger. But teach them about road safety, and there’s no reason why children can’t enjoy the freedom of cyc...

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