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Today, education is empowerment of the highest degree. Coming from a family that knows and acknowledges the importance of education, starting this montessori was an obvious step towards realizing and spreading this dream of quality education Impr...


The child of 2 + years who is ready to go to school has at home been denied of doing certain actions as the parents are afraid that he will break the object or that he may hurt himself. Thus his life is now a life of unfinished actions which leads...

About Our Staff

We are a team of qualified and experienced teachers in love with children and education. Ours is a very delicate work of protecting and encouraging children. It is a beautiful relationship which springs up between the directress(teacher) and her l...


It is a very important place in school. The books here suit the interests of students of different age groups. It helps children learn to learn the habit of self learning. We have books which interest them and thus occupies their attention.

Play Area

A lovely play area consisting of a sand pit, swing, see saw and slide. A place where children can relax and enjoy.


Children thrive when they are connected to nature and gardening. It is a healthy fun activity for children. Children develop new skills and learn about science and nature by growing plants.


Games play a vital role in the development of the child. It helps in the growth process and provides a leisure activity. It enhances the emotional, physical and intellectual development of the child.


We do have van facility for children. The van driver has been associated with the school for quite some time now. We do brief the driver on safety measures. But the administration is no way responsible with the van charges, absenteeism or any othe...

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Rishima Montessori School

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