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Right Food For Healthy Infants

Shyamala Sathiyaseelan

Input is directly related to output. This is especially true in the case of your baby!

Feeding the right food to infants is important. Thankfully there are measures and milestones to help you along the way. Weaning your baby is advised after the baby is six month old. However, if for relevant reasons, you decide to wean your infant earlier, there are guides on how you can accomplish the same.

The seventh month is the best time to wean an infant. It is important to start your bundle of joy on liquids other than mother’s milk. By the eighth month, your little one is familiar with the tastes of various purees. She is now ready for variety in flavors. In the ninth month, your little princess is ready for a whole new diet. In the tenth, eleventh and twelfth months, she is ready for new additions to her already wide diet.

Diets are not for food alone. “The more you talk and read to your baby, the more you feed the language. Not only to master the world of lexis, but also to inculcate the habit of expressing oneself out and so to kick off timidity,” says myhealthykiddo.com.

You are now in possession of a ClipBook that acts as a concise food guide for every stage of your infant.

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For 7th Month

This is the ideal time to start weaning – introducing the baby to food other than the mother’s milk. First start with the liquid foods for 2-3 weeks and then move gradually to other(puree) options...

For 4 To 6 Months

It is strongly recommended to breastfeed for first 6 months of the baby. Unfortunately, due to any medical/personal conditions, if you want to wean after 3 months of the baby, here are some suggestions to start weaning for 4 to 6 months baby.

For 8th Month

Accustomed to the taste and texture of different purees, the kiddo is now ready to try more varieties! Surprise the lil one daily with different flavors!

For 9th Month

With the baby a month older now, here is what you can add to his feeding list.

For 10th Month

This is a time to surprise the little one with more and more new additions to her diet.

For 11th Month

Remember to add variety to your child's diet, while keeping it healthy as always.

For 12th Month

The tiny tot would now be indulging in extra chores and burning extra calories. So, fuel up with extra nutrients.

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