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Resources Children Can Use While At Home


The pandemic is having a huge impact on the lives of parents and children. Working from home due to the coronavirus and having bored kids at home is not a good combination for the sanity of parents! With schools closed, parents have had to take up the additional responsibility of their child’s learning. This is a challenging task and most parents are fast running out of ideas to keep their children productively engaged.

We, at ParentCircle, understand your predicament. We have a range of articles that can help you navigate these difficult times. These include articles on everyday ways to help your child learn, fun spelling games, natural learning methods, suggestions on learning apps and language learning apps, and much more. These articles will equip you with information on tools and resources that can help you get your child started on a quest for knowledge.

Use this break from regular school to fuel your child’s curiosity for knowledge and keep them productively engaged with fun games and activities.

Here is how ParentCircle can help. We have curated a ClipBook with various fun activity suggestions, learning methods, educational apps, etc., for children in the age group of 6 to 10 years.

Flip through the pages of this ClipBook for ideas on how to encourage your child’s learning.

If you are parent to a preschooler, check out our home learning programme specifically designed for the 3 to 5 year age group by a team of experts in child psychology and early education.

Here's the link for details:


Ways To Help Your Child To Learn Naturally

Learning doesn't need to be restricted to school! In fact a lot of brilliant learning moments can happen outside of school if you raise your child to be curious enough.

8 Top Language Learning Apps

Want some help to enable your child to learn different languages? Read on to know about the best apps that’ll ensure your child has fun learning new languages.

Maths Learning Apps And Videos

Kids’ math learning apps make learning the subject straightforward and interesting. You can get one from these best math learning apps for kids if your child is struggling with mathematics.

Fun Spelling Games

Does your child find it difficult to get the spelling of words right? Wondering how to help improve her spelling skills? Here’s a list of fun spelling games for kids you can try.

Everyday Ways To Help Children Learn

Integrating learning in everyday situations is the best way to help your child learn. Here’s how to go about it.

Top 50 Creative Activity Ideas

Creative activities for kids keep them busy and help them spend time in a productive manner. Here are top 50 creative activity ideas to boost your kid's mental growth.

5 Indoor Plants That Your Child Can Grow

Do you have a child with a green thumb? Create a verdant balcony garden, with our list of lovely house plants that will grow with your children.

10 Creative Writing Activities

Is your child a budding Dickens or Wordsworth? Are you wondering how to fuel her creative energy? Here’s a list of creative writing ideas to encourage the writer in your child.

5 Delightful Dance-Based Activities

Does your child love to dance? Dancing can be fun and great for staying fit mentally and physically. Here are some enjoyable activities around music and dance to keep your little one on her feet.

Best Learning Apps For Kids

If you are looking for the best learning apps for kids to make learning easier, read about the pros and cons of using one and how to choose the best learning apps.

Buy theme-based fun learning kids activity books for preschoolers and 6-12-year-old children.

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