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Remedies For Common Toddler's Ailments


Although childhood is the best part of life, it is also the time when humans are most vulnerable to ailments, infections and diseases. A not fully developed immune system makes falling sick a part of childhood. And caring for a sick child adds to the already overburdened schedule of parents.

Parents love their children care about their well-being. So even a small rash or hoarse speech becomes a cause for concern. Watching their children suffer due to sickness makes parents miserable. What makes matters even worse is the opinion of experts that children under the age of six years shouldn’t use over-the-counter medications. In such a situation, knowledge of some common ailments and their remedies, and ways of preventing them can go a long way in helping ease the situation for both parents and children.

Some of the common ailments that affect children are dehydration, headache, cough, cold, fever, vomiting, toothache, stomach ache and constipation. Depending on the type of ailment, parents can try some home remedies to relieve their child’s discomfort. For coughs, you can give your child plenty of hot liquids or soups to loosen the mucus and prevent irritation in the chest. For relieving toothache, you can dab some clove oil on the affected tooth. Clove oil has antibacterial properties and also has a numbing effect. If your child is complaining of stomach ache, you can give him yogurt as a snack, which is good for neutralising cramps and diarrhoea. Yogurt also replaces some nutrients that are lost during diarrhoea.

There are more such wonderful and easy cures for simple childhood ailments. You can read them by flipping through the pages of the ClipBook.


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To prevent croup, take the same steps you use to prevent colds and flu. Frequent hand-washing is the most important. Also keep your child away from anyone who's sick, and encourage your child to cough or sneeze into his or her elbow.

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