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Relation Between Language And The Brain



Language And The Human Brain

The human brain is divided into two hemispheres. The left hemisphere is the "logical brain" and is involved in language and analysis and the right hemisphere is the "creative brain," involved in daydreaming and imagination. The left hemisphere con...

More On Language And The Brain

Language is a significant part of what makes us human, along with other cognitive skills such as mathematical and spatial reasoning, musical and drawing ability, the capacity to form social relationships, and the like. As with these other cognitiv...

Language And The Brain: What Makes Us Human ?

Do you trip over your words, struggle to listen to a dinner companion in a noisy restaurant, or find it difficult to understand a foreign accent on TV? Help may be on the way. Read on...

How Does Our Brain Process Language?

Verbal communication includes speech, the tone of the words, and other sounds such as laughter, crying, or expressions of alarm. How do our brains help us understand verbal information from others?

Language And Brain: Neurocognitive Linguistics

The ability of humans to speak and to understand speech requires an enormous amount of brain resources. These resources have to manage information about many thousands of words and many syntactic constructions and their interconnections...

How Learning A New Language Changes Your Brain

Researchers from Penn State University in the US have found that learning a language will change the structure of your brain and make the network that pulls it all together more efficient - and the improvements can be experienced at any age...

How Bilingualism Boosts Your Brain

Language shapes the way we think. Whether we're listening to a persuasive speaker, absorbed in powerful writing, or engaged in a conversation, language can introduce us to new ideas, perspectives, and opportunities. Learning a second language is l...

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