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Reinventing Education


Traditional schooling system is efficient in producing academically strong minds but has taken a backseat when it comes to being creative and encouraging students to think out-of-the-box . Apart from training the students for age-old situations with the same repeated methods, not much has changed in the Indian schooling system as it continues to make students think the same way as it was done decades ago.

Several other options are being explored in this direction to achieve a breakthrough in the educational scenario. One such avenue that has given people hope is homeschooling. But recently the rejection of a homeschooled child from admission to IIT, who actually got selected in MIT later, shows the lack of awareness and interest that India shows towards paths that are never taken before, however innovative they may be.

Online education through MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses) are another way of innovative learning. This system facilitates students to enroll in courses conducted by universities and institutions, from anywhere in the world.

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Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson, creativity expert, author and educator, makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.

Learning From A Barefoot Movement

In Rajasthan, India, an extraordinary school teaches rural women and men — many of them illiterate — to become solar engineers, artisans, dentists and doctors in their own villages. It's called the Barefoot College, and its founder, Bunker Roy, ex...

Let's Use Video To Reinvent Education

Salman Khan, educator and social entrepreneur, talks about how and why he created the remarkable Khan Academy, a carefully structured series of educational videos offering complete curricula in math and, now, other subjects. He shows the power of ...

Build A School In The Cloud

Onstage at TED2013, Sugata Mitra, education researcher, made his bold TED Prize wish: Help me design the School in the Cloud, a learning lab in India, where children can explore and learn from each other -- using resources and mentoring from the c...

The Best Kindergarten You’Ve Ever Seen

At this school in Tokyo, five-year-olds cause traffic jams and windows are for Santa to climb into. Meet: the world's cutest kindergarten, designed by architect Takaharu Tezuka. In this charming talk, he walks us through a design process that real...

What We're Learning From Online Education

With Coursera, each keystroke, quiz, peer-to-peer discussion and self-graded assignment builds an unprecedented pool of data on how knowledge is processed.

Our Failing Schools. Enough Is Enough!

Why, why, why does our education system look so similar to the way it did 50 years ago? Millions of students were failing then, as they are now -- and it’s because we’re clinging to a business model that clearly doesn’t work. Education advocate Ge...

A Call To Reinvent Liberal Arts Education

Bennington president Liz Coleman delivers a call-to-arms for radical reform in higher education. Bucking the trend to push students toward increasingly narrow areas of study, she proposes a truly cross-disciplinary education -- one that dynamicall...

The 100,000-Student Classroom

In the fall of 2011, Peter Norvig, computer scientist, taught a class with Sebastian Thrun on artificial intelligence at Stanford attended by 175 students in situ — and over 100,000 via an interactive webcast. He shares what he learned about teach...

Teach Arts And Sciences Together

Mae Jemison is an astronaut, a doctor, an art collector, a dancer ... Telling stories from her own education and from her time in space, she calls on educators to teach both the arts and sciences, both intuition and logic, as one — to create bold ...

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