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Kamathipura (also spelled Kamthipura) (Marathi: कामाठीपुरा) is Mumbai's oldest and Asia's largest red-light district. 1 It was first settled after 1795 with the construction of causeways that connected the erstwhile seven islands of Bombay. Initia...

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Sonagachi is reputedly Asia's largest 1 red-light district. Sonagachi is located in Kolkata, India. Its area contains several hundred multi-story brothels and an estimated 11,000 sex workers (2012). 2 3 Sonagachi is located in North Kolkata near t...

Children With Hiv/Aids, Struggling In India

AIDS has wrought havoc in India, documented in Blood Brother, the 2013 documentary going inside an orphanage for children with HIV/AIDS. American Rocky Braat...

India's Aids Children Shunned

A girl clicks the beads on an abacus in Akankshya, a home for care and support for HIV positive clients, in New Delhi, India, July 24, 2004. The government's AIDS control agency said 60,000 Indian children have the virus, while independent organiz...

Hiv Aid And Children In India, Hiv Center In Hyderabad, Children With Hiv In India, Help Hiv Children, Donate To Hiv Children, Kids With Hiv, How To Help Children Affected By Hiv And Aids

Around 90% of all children living with HIV acquired the infection from their mothers during pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding. A pregnant woman can transmit the virus to her foetus through their shared blood circulation, or a nursing mother can tr...

Children Living With Hiv/Aids

Children are not only personally affected by HIV/AIDS but it is also affecting their families and their right to a parental care and affection. UNICEF finds that infection can lead children to drop out of school; infection of parents can lead chil...

Prerana Anti-Trafficking, Mumbai

Prerana, has been accredited with several path-breaking, social interventions that address elimination of intergenerational prostitution and ensure a continuum of care for protecting children from sexual abuse and assault. Prerana has an innovativ...

Optional Protocol On The Sale Of Children, Child Prostitution And Child Pornography

Commercial sexual exploitation of children such as the sale of children, child prostitution, child sex tourism and child pornography are prevalent all over the world. An estimated one million children (mainly girls but also a significant number of...

Child Prostitution In Thailand

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Priti Patkar Helps The Children Of Mumbai's Sex Workers

As a young social worker she was planning only to take a survey. But when she saw what was happening she knew she had to stay and help. Thirteen-year-old Divya can’t remember a time when she was not scared of her mother’s customers. She dreamed of...

How Prerana’S Priti Patkar Has Changed The Lives Of Sex Workers' Children

It wasn’t long ago that children ran behind taxis, bringing customers to the alleys of Kamathipura, Mumbai’s famous red-light district. For the casual visitor, it was a common sight to see children of sex workers, some as young as five years old, ...

Real Hero Priti Patkar Runs Night Shelters For Children Of Sex Workers

Mumbai: Real hero Priti Patkar runs night shelters for children in Mumbai's red light areas. Her mission is to provide children with a safe haven and grooming them for a future away from prostitution. Statistics show 40 per cent of female sex work...

Optional Protocol Of The Covenant On Economic, Social And Cultural Rights

of the adoption by the Human Rights Council, by its resolution 8/2 of 18 June 2008, of the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, 1. the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic,...

Project Red Light Rescue | Sower Of Seeds Int'l

In the heart of Mumbai, India, in a space less than two square miles, there are more than women & girls in sexual-slavery. Girls who have dreamed of becoming wives, mothers, teachers, or textile workers, have their virginity and nearly every sh...

From Mumbai's Red-Light District To Un Award

New York - From living in Mumbai's red-light district, to winning a scholarship at Bard College in the US, to delivering a TEDx talk in India, to even winning a UN award, Shweta Katti's journey has been extraordinary. At the 2014 United Nations Yo...

Born Into Brothels 2004 [Oscar Winning Documentary].Avi

A must watch for all the humans, but at the same time don

Born Into Brothels \ 2 @ The Chicago Cultural Center 091906

(Con.) Members of the ensemble are Falu & Gaurav Shah (well renowned indian vocalists), Steve Gorn (flute virtuoso), Samir Chatterjee (tabla master) ...

Born Into Brothels - Gopala.Wmv

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John Mcdowell - Born Into Brothels Soundtrack - Overture Remix

John McDowell - Born Into Brothels Soundtrack - Overture Remix.

Born Into Brothels - L'Incontro Con Zana Briski 3 Anni Dopo

Oscar per il Miglior Documentario 2005,

John Mcdowell - Born Into Brothels Soundtrack - Overture

John McDowell - Born Into Brothels Soundtrack.

妓錄 Born Into Brothels

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Human Trafficking In India

Women and girls are trafficked within the country for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation and forced marriage especially in those areas where the sex ...

Human Trafficking In India And Law (Zaffar Imam-News 11) 08292602620(M)

Human trafficking became a world problem . India is also suffering from this problem .Indian government has made law to prevent the human trafficking in ...

From Kamathipura To New York

The daughter of a devdasi, she was raised in Mumbai

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Red Light To Lime Light

Life is not bed of roses, especially for India's 'red light' children. Fortunately some people are there for their caring.