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Reasons To Make Time For Family Dinner


Family dinners provide an opportunity for all family members to bond with each other. For generations, parents have espoused the importance of family mealtimes. And in the past few years, numerous studies have confirmed the many benefits that children can derive from family meals.

Unfortunately, today, due to the busy schedule of family members, especially working adults, solitary dining has become common. Studies suggest that this habit may harm the psychological health of children. Children who eat alone have higher chances of suffering from emotional problems as adults. According to, “Although solitary meals are occurring on a regular basis now, recent research suggests they are not contributing to you or your children's well-being. Families that try to eat meals together at least three or four times a week enjoy significant benefits for their health, happiness, and relationships.” Eating together as a family ensures better relationship between parents and children, and improves the children’s social skills. Children who have family meals show higher self-esteem, greater resistance to anxiety and stress, less risky teenage behaviour and better academic performance.

Family dinners (or lunches/breakfast/midnight snacking) are occasions when the best conversations can happen between parents and children. During family dinners, parents and children can talk about their day and share their concerns. It is also the perfect time when parents can share family stories and experiences with their children. Family dinners can be a good downtime activity for everyone after a full day’s work.

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Research shows that sharing dinner as a family improves teenage behaviors, increases toddler vocabulary and teaches kids to eat healthier.

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The researchers found regular family dinners seemed to help kids cope with online bullying. But they say talk time with parents in cars or other settings can also help protect against the effects of cyber bullying.

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Parents have heard it for years: Family dinners help kids avoid risky behaviors and may even help them in school. But research shows that the more frequent these dinners, the better the adolescents fare emotionally.

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