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Raising Spiritual Children



Teaching Spirituality To Children

Learn how to teach kids about spirituality, faith, hope and morality, even if you're a religious free agent. A study from the University of British Columbia, in Canada, found that children who are spiritual (and researchers clearly separated "spir...

Why Kids Who Believe In Something Are Happier And Healthier

Despite more than a decade of widespread attention on happiness and the benefits of positive psychology, there is an epidemic of unhappiness in children and teens.

10 Ways To Introduce Spirituality To Children

In India, spirituality  is a part of our daily life. But today in this modern tech world, it’s hard to make our kids to be spiritual. Spirituality can easily be introduced to kids if proper explanation is given for our actions. Starting at the you...

7 Spiritual Laws For Your Child

When kids understand the way the world works from a spiritual point of view, it makes it easier for them to navigate through life with joy, love, and happiness. Here are 7 spiritual laws for your child to build a happy life.

How Parents Encourage Childrens Spirituality

Spiritual practices aren’t just for adults. Children come naturally to many of the time-honored ways that people use to get closer to the sacred; to family, friends, and community; and to the world around them.Here are some ideas for how parents a...

Teaching My Child To Find Spirituality In Nature

To teach a child to cherish nature and see herself within nature’s majesty and beauty and to understand the cycles of life are valuable learning tools. As a society, we have largely wandered too far from our home and must return if we are to be ab...

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