Raising Siblings Without Rivalry

Raising Siblings Without Rivalry. Is It Possible?

So can I really raise siblings without rivalry? No. But, don't lose hope, hang in there, because there is some good news.

Sibling Rivalry Causes Long-Term Psychological Harm, But Parents Should Leave Squabbling Teens To It To Avoid Further Damage

Sibling rivalries lead to anxiety, depression and low-self esteem later in life but parents should let children fight it out to avoid causing further psychological damage.

How To Deal With Sibling Rivalry | Empowering Parents

Sibling rivalry is normal in families with more than one child. It becomes a problem when one child bullies or dominates the other. It's also a more complex issue than it first appears. On the surface, you have two kids who are “at war”—who bicker...

Sibling Rivalry: A Survival Guide For Parents I Tips For Handling Sibling Rivalry - Parentmap

From Cain and Abel to Mary Kate and Ashley, siblings are natural rivals. Yet for some reason, the sibling rivalry between their own kids still takes parents by surprise. You would think, having been young siblings ourselves once, that we would al...

Handling Sibling Rivalry - Parent Tips

The term sibling refers to children who are related and living in the same family. Sibling rivalry has existed as long as families. Think back to Biblical times and Joseph’s problems with his brothers or of the dreadful time Cinderella had with he...

Tips For Reducing Sibling Rivalry Dr. Sylvia Rimm

Sibling rivalry is not likely to ever be eliminated, nor should it be.

Dealing With Sibling Rivalry

When I first brought my daughter, Genie, home from the hospital, I expected a mixed reaction from her big sister, Clara, then 3. It was mixed, all right, a bubbling brew of jealousy and curiosity—but mainly, she was curious about how I'd react if ...

A "Tip Jar" To Help Siblings Get Along

Strategies to get your children get along better

How To Stop Sibling Rivalry • Our Small Hours

Get tips for extinguishing sibling rivalry and create a peaceful home.

How To Deal With Sibling Rivalry Effectively (Infographic) - A Fine Parent

If you have more than one child, you know that sibling rivalry is a fact of life. And you probably have one question begging to be answered — how to stop all the fighting and raise them to be friends for life? Here we go then. Based on Dr. Laura M...

Sibling Rivalry - Positive Parenting Solutions

Sibling rivalry happens in every house with more than one child, and at every age.

20 Tips To Stop Quibbling Siblings And Promote Sibling Harmony | Ask Dr Sears® | The Trusted Resource For Parents

As parents – and referees – of eight children, we have survived personality clashes, ability battles, attention tactics, and multiple mini-battles, only to conclude that sibling rivalry, like nightwaking, is one of the inevitable annoyances of hav...

Proof Sibling Rivalry Can Scar You For Life

By Ursula Hirschkorn for the Daily Mail When I look back over my long summer holidays as a child, there’s one scene that encapsulates a typical day. I am alone, at the edge of a scrubby, sun-bleached field in rural Essex. Somewhere in the distance...

10 Tips And Tricks To End Sibling Rivalry

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Why Sibling Rivalry Is Healthy

Siblings often end up in tears over it… And you know what? It’s not only normal, but it is actually healthy.

The World's Best Kept Secret For Managing Sibling Rivalry

If someone told you that they had a magic cure that would end all sibling rivalry for good, I’m sure you would pay good money to be let in on that secret. Living with siblings who squabble, bicker, fight, torment and harass each other regularly th...

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Raising Siblings Without Rivalry

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Causes, effect and ways to reduce rivalry among your kids