Parenting - Behaviour | 3-18 yrs

Raising Positive Kids

Arundhati Swamy

For ever so long the focus has been on problems and how to solve them. According to the principles of Positive Psychology, building on character strengths helps kids thrive and flourish.  The negative experiences and emotions are not ignored. In fact being aware of them and the role they play is important. However for people to be able to deal with the negative experiences they need three times more of positive experiences. Children grow more resilient with sound attachments to significant people, and when the risk factors of negative influences are mitigated with several micro-moments of positive connections with people around them. 


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Struggle and perseverance laced with large doses of encouragement and understanding help kids develop resilience. Teaching them to recognize micro-moments of connections - a smile, eye contact, a word of appreciation, a kind gesture, a helping hand - are what give happiness. Help them, at the end of each day, to recall these happy moments.

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