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Raising Independent Thinkers


Some children keep dreaming all day long or, simply put, are lost in thought. This can be a source of worry for parents. Is it also the case with you? Worry not! Dreamers have their own strengths. You can always help your children transform themselves from dreamers into independent thinkers. Our late President, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam once said, “Thinking should become your capital asset, no matter whatever ups and downs you come across in your life.” And that’s a good reason why you should raise your children to become thinkers. Being independent thinkers can also help them become great leaders like Bhagat Singh, Abdul Kalam or Mahatma Gandhi.

Let’s understand some of the ways through which we can raise our children to be independent thinkers. You can start by encouraging your children to make decisions from the choices you offer. This will give them the power to analyse and think about what can be the best for them; thus, enabling them to develop critical thinking skills. You can also get your child to put on his thinking cap and help plan your next trip or outing; getting him involved in the decision-making processes will encourage him to think at every opportunity. According to an article published in Psychology Today, 'You can provide your child with several essential ingredients for gaining independence:

  • Give your children love and respect.
  • Show confidence in your children's capabilities.
  • Teach them that they have control over their lives.
  • Provide guidance and then give them the freedom to make their own decisions.'

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Why Children Should Be Raised To Be Independent Thinkers

Children who are not encouraged, instructed and taught to be independent thinkers are children who will grow up to be imprisoned adults and remain as they were when they were children. unaware that they are yet free.

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Independence is not something that your children can gain on their own. They have neither the perspective, experience, nor skills to develop independence separately from you. Rather, it is a gift you give your children that they will cherish and b...

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How Parents Can Be Proactive In Training Their Children To Be Independent Thinkers

Acquiring independence thinking skills at an early age will help your children build confidence and self-esteem. Young children and toddlers often like to do and perform very meaningful and understandable “adult-type” tasks. Many times, they are t...

Talk, Listen, Think, Write - Ways To Raise An Independent-Thinking Child

Let’s face it: no matter how much parents complain, they love to be needed by their children. So, it’s only natural for a child’s growing independence to be a hard pill to swallow for parents.

Developing Critical Thinking Skills In Children

Children are confronted daily with rich opportunities to solve problems and exercise their own independent judgment when they're given the chance to safely explore the world. These problems, which might involve physical challenges, social relation...

3 Strategies To Promote Independent Thinking In Classrooms

By testing and analysing unique ideas, the classroom can grow students' attentional capacity and show them the value of and methods for thinking independently. Only through strategy and design can the classroom become a laboratory of focus and att...

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