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Raising Gifted Children


Does your child have exceptional intelligence or extraordinary skills? If so, you must know how much of a challenge it is to raise a gifted child. Gifted children are distinct as they have a high order of intellectual ability and/or creativity. Special talents in mathematics, languages or the arts indicate your child is gifted.

Parents need to nurture their child’s special abilities and talents without putting undue performance pressure. Nurturing is better explained in an article titled How Do I Nurture My Gifted Child?, published in as “feeding a child's interests and exposing him or her to new ideas and experiences”.

Interact with your child as much as possible through talk and play and patiently answer the seemingly unending questions. Plan activities with your child. Even a simple walk can lead to some interesting explorations. Consider sending your child to a special programme.

Provide your child with stimulating books and toys. Also, while it's important to provide opportunities for your child to work with his or her interests and strengths, it is also important to expose your child to new things. Have a ‘creativity corner’ at home for scientific projects and artworks.

Don’t overschedule. Give your child the freedom and opportunity to make choices regarding clubs and extra-curricular activities. In the words of well-known American writer Dorothea Brande, as quoted on “A child’s mind is not a container to be filled but rather a fire to be kindled.”

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