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Raising Critical Thinkers

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“Do not indoctrinate your children. Teach them how to think for themselves, how to evaluate evidence, and how to disagree with you.”

― Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion

Critical thinking is one of the best skills to impart to your children. Learning critical thinking skills prepares children for both a successful academic and professional life. You can either enhance your children’s critical thinking abilities or help them develop such skills. But what exactly is critical thinking?

According to rootsofaction.com, “Critical thinking comprises a number of different skills that help us learn to make decisions. It is the ability to evaluate information to determine whether it is right or wrong. To think critically about an issue or a problem means to be open-minded and consider alternative ways of looking at solutions.”

How can you raise your children to be critical thinkers? There are several ways of improving the critical thinking capabilities of children. Encourage your children to ask questions. Allow them time and opportunity to offer solutions to everyday problems at home and school. Check your children’s academic progress and evaluate how lessons are imparted at their school. Do they learn through group discussions? Do their teachers encourage question and answer sessions during class? You can also teach critical thinking through your own example. Simple everyday situations such as grocery shopping, household chores and social events can be used as opportunities to train children to think critically

“The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks.”

― Christopher Hitchens, Letters to a Young Contrarian

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