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Raising Children To Be 'food-wise'

Smitha Suresh

A guide to inculcate nutrition awareness and good food habits in children. They become nutritionally responsible adults.

Are you a parent keen on raising your children to be healthy, law abiding and independent citizens? Of course, all parents want to. But are you preparing them to be so?

Maybe, you’re doing everything you can to get the best education and social experiences to develop all the aspects of building an impressive personality.

Maybe, you’d even tell them to eat healthily.

Maybe you are the type of parent who has a strict ‘No Junk’ rule. But are you confident that your child will not be breaking the rule at all?

Maybe because your child obeys you because he/she is afraid of you. That’s why you’ve to teach your children to ‘be Food-Wise!’

A person who is food-wise will always be wise in his choice of food. Not just being economically wise when it comes to buying food but also in terms of eating the right food at the right time in the right amounts.

Food habits are something that we take to our graves. As kids, the type of food we are exposed will decide what our taste buds will crave for, in our 20s or 30s or 70s. Smitha Suresh, a renowned nutritionist and child specialist from Chennai, wrote in her article ‘Eat, Play, Grow’ published in ParentCircle.com, “The best environment to teach is the one where you are walking the talk. Children do as you ‘do’, and not always as you ‘say’. Remember this and learn how you can orient yourself to fitness and good nutrition.”

As parents, show your children to be wise in their food choices, keeping in mind the state of health they want to be as years pass by. To know what is and how to be, food wise,flip through the ClipBook“Raising Children To Be 'Food-Wise'” .

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