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Raising A Non-materialistic Child


Children get attracted to so many things and keep nagging their parents to buy them everything they like. But some children use too much ‘pester power’ to get what they want. If your child also feels entitled to whatever he is demanding, then chances are that he is growing into a materialistic child.

India Parenting, a leading parenting website, has this to say in an article: "When parents first encounter instances like these, they tend to get a little worried. No one wants to raise their children to be greedy. Thankfully, such behaviour is completely normal…So if your child constantly wants new toys, don't be disheartened. Instead of trying to curtail his desires, try to bring about a balance in his nature. Here's how you can go about it."

One of the reasons why children become materialistic is that they see their parents attaching too much importance to material things. Naturally, children too pick up this tendency and base their self-esteem on material possessions. As parents, you must try to break this cycle of thinking in your child, first by setting an example yourself and then by using other means.

You can help your child overcome his problem by lessening his attachment to material things. There are many simple and easy ways of doing it. By teaching your child about the importance of being economical with money, you can help him control his spendthrift ways. You can teach him the virtues of patience, and encourage him to learn the values of sharing with others and contentment early on.

For some useful tips on how to raise a non-materialistic child, do take a tour through our ClipBook.


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