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Raising A Child With Hearing Loss


It can be disheartening for parents to learn that their child suffers from a hearing problem. But with timely treatment for hearing loss along with proper resources, you can raise a confident child despite her disability.

The diagnosis for hearing loss can happen at birth or at a later stage. Hearing loss in children can occur due to otitis media or middle ear infection. Reasons for hearing loss at birth can be genetics or premature birth. Hearing loss in children is also possible after illnesses like chickenpox, meningitis, measles and encephalitis. If your kid doesn’t respond to sounds, she may likely have a hearing problem. Signs of otitis media are need for rubbing the ear, crankiness, fever, ear pain and lethargy. If you notice these signs and go for timely treatment, you can most likely prevent hearing loss in your child.

Young children with hearing loss may learn spoken language or sign language for communication. According to Raising Children Network, ‘The most important thing for your child’s development, and for your relationship with your child, is being able to communicate. Delaying this while waiting for your child to become a good hearer and speaker is a risk.’

Ask the doctor about hearing aids, cochlear implants and other technology that can help your child to hear properly. Educate yourself about various resources that can help you teach your child despite her hearing loss. Regularly communicate with her teachers for feedback and any problem that needs attention.

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