Rainwater Harvesting

What Is The Need For Rainwater Harvesting?

With the demand for fresh water continuously on the rise and its natural sources drying out, we are faced with a daunting task of quenching our thirst in the years to come!

Rainwater Harvesting: The Need Of Time

Have a look at the charts and graphs that explain the water crisis!

What Is Water Harvesting?

Come summer and the entire nation seems to have just one word on its lips – water. During the monsoons every year, we allow huge amounts of fresh water to run off our roads and pavements into the drains where it mixes with the sewage and heads str...

How To Calculate Potential Supply Of Rainwater From Catchment Area?

Rainwater harvesting is one of the crucial options that everybody should use on a personal as well as national level. The first question that arises while taking a decision for implementation of rainwater harvesting system is what will be the harv...

Methods Of Rainwater Harvesting

There are number of ways we can save and use the rain water. Some of them are listed here.

Welcome To Chennai Metro Water

Tamil Nadu is one of the pioneer state of India in rainwater harvesting with government involved in setting up several rainwater harvesting facilities across different places in the state. Find here some rainwater harvesting techniques listed ou...

Villagers Tackle Drought With Rainwater Harvesting

For those who wonder if Maharashtra can tide over the current drought situation, Hiware Bazar, with its 'yes we can' spirit, is the answer.

Rainwater Harvesting To Replenish Underground Water

The wells in Rajasthan’s Alwar District had dried up, thrusting the people into abject and seemingly inescapable poverty. The revival of traditional earthen dams to capture rainwater for recharging the underground water supply provided a tipping p...

12 Steps To Creating The Complete Rain Harvesting System

Essential components of the household rainwater harvesting system are pointed out and guidelines for installing the system are mentioned. This shows that sometimes the solutions to some real big problems can actually be very easy,

Annual Rainfall Map Of India

A map of average rainfall in India across all the states. One can simply look and estimate that how many regions of the country have a potenitial to actually become water independent with proper rainwater harvesting ideas and technology.

Costs Of Constructing A Rainwater Harvesting System

How much will it cost to catch rain? Rainwater harvesting methods are site specific and hence it is difficult to give a generalised cost. But given the amount spent on water and its transportation in the current expenses, rainwater harvesting sys...

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Rainwater Harvesting

Like everything else there are ups and downs to the rainwater harvesting as well. The method may not be useful all the time and in all the places. It has its limitations but in the end whether or not adopt it is upto the individal's judgement.

Laws And Policy

Law plays a major role in the success or failure of an initiative. If the law is supportive to the cause the initiative blooms and so is the case with rainwater harvesting with government playing a crucial role by encouraging the idea and also fra...

Rotterdam: The Water City Of The Future

With 60% of the country living below sea level, the Netherlands has developed sustainable water management systems to cope with changing weather patterns and extreme downpours.

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Rainwater Harvesting

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With demand for water rising we need to conserve and utilize water in all ways possible and rainwater harvesting is one of them.