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Rainbow-themed Crafts For Children


What is more inspiring than a beautiful rainbow on a sluggish rainy day? Children love the brilliant colours, that is why it is a clever tool for teachers and parents to use while teaching important concepts. There are so many things toddlers and preschoolers can learn from rainbow-themed activities -- colours, shapes, simple early science, information about the weather and much more. 

This ClipBook gives some really interesting ideas for rainbow-themed crafts that will inspire both children and parents.         


Rainbow Activities For Toddlers And Kids

Rainbow themes can teach children a lot of different concepts in a fun and playful way. Here you will find rainbow crafts, sensory play, fine motor activities and so much more to make and do with rainbows

Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas

Have you ever hosted a rainbow birthday party? These ideas demonstrate how you can decorate for a rainbow -themed birthday party with games to play and treats to eat. Read on for ways to turn an ordinary room into a rainbow spectacular.

Rainbow Crafts

Bead sculpture rainbow, fingerprinting rainbow and much more -- these bright, colourful and appealing crafts that will cheer up the dullest day and look lovely displayed in the house or classroom. Rainbow crafts are fun at any time of year, but yo...

Rainbow Themed Food Ideas For Kids

These rainbow recipes are easy to make and are fun to eat. Check out the fun recipes in this article that include rainbow waffles, rainbow pudding, rainbow cupcakes, rainbow pancakes and so on.

Rainbow Themed Crafts For Two And Three Year Olds

When planning ideas for toddlers in the classroom, look for ways and activities through which toddlers can have fun without rigid guidelines. Explore colours with rainbow-themed crafts including early science and musical activities for children.

Rainbows-Themed Activities

These are rainbow-themed activities to do with toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. These activities are used by teachers, moms, dads, child care providers and more.

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