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Quizzing For Children

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Most children watch quiz shows with a lot of enthusiasm. However, children might not show the same interest for classroom quiz contests that may affect their grades. But classroom quizzing activities can be very beneficial for students in terms of gaining knowledge through information. It can also help teachers gauge the level of learning for each student. Moreover, quizzing also help to develop thinking skills of children and help them in academics.

Quizzing can be helpful for students and teachers in many other ways also. According to helpteaching.com,  ‘Also when teachers quiz students regularly, students won’t be overwhelmed by the amount of material they need to learn and they won’t have to wonder what they need to study. Instead, teachers can focus the learning on a few key concepts at a time. This will help students maximize their regular studying and give them a chance to build a thorough understanding of each part of a unit.’ Classroom quizzing increases student participation and compels them to pay attention to the test questions. Whether the testing is through oral or written quiz, both can be excellent classroom teaching aids.

If your child is interested in quizzing, you can always encourage him through family quiz competitions or by watching televised quiz shows with him. You can find out about quiz clubs in your city for your kid to join and have some fun. You can also encourage him to participate in quiz competitions.

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