Quilling Art

Flower Pot: What You Need

1.Quilling paper 2.Quilling tool 3.Paper cutter 4.Glue

Step 1: Making The Flower

Cut thin slits in top half of the paper

Step 2

With the help of the quilling tool, roll the cut paper.Glue the ends.Pull the inside end of the paper end outwards to create flower. Your flower is ready! Make flowers in different colours.

Step 3: Making The Pot

To make the pot, quill paper to form a big coil

Step 4

Press the centre out gently to form a cone shape

Step 5

Place it on the table to flatten the bottom of cone to form a pot

Your Done!

Attach sticks to the flowers and place them into the basket. Add a few green strips for the leaves :)

The End

Learning - Arts/Craft | 4-18y

Quilling Art

Vaishnavi RameshVaishnavi Ramesh
the art of paper never gets more interesting!