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Quick Tips For New Parents

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It feels magical when you hold your little one for the first time. The nine months of emotional roller coaster ride and wait, all feel worth it. During the time you were waiting for your child to arrive, you would have already made a bucket list of things to do. However, once home, though, you frantically realise that you have no idea of what you're doing!

It is always challenging as a first-time parent to understand the nuances of parenting. As a new parent, you're bound to have questions on everything, from getting breastfeeding started, to washing and bathing your baby, and changing her nappy. Reuters (23 June, 2013) published an article on the US President Barack Obama where he shared some simple advice for raising kids. He said, “You give them unconditional love, and then you give them some structure and some rules, and they usually turn out really, really well.”

It is always a good idea to seek and get help from family members and experts occasionally, and both parents should contribute to the upbringing of the child.

So, if you're a first-time parent, put your fears aside and learn the basics from this ClipBook by our partner, Pregnancy Dost. These tips can help even the most nervous parents feel confident. You can learn about the various aspects of parenting, from something as simple as potty training to protecting them from cybercrimes. It can also help you learn a few fun activities to ensure great bonding between you and your child.

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