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Quick Lunch Recipes For Busy Mothers

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For all the multi-tasking that they do throughout the day, and the way they take care of every member of the family, moms need to have a nutritious midday meal too. Often, mothers are so busy focussing on other people's comfort that they forget to take adequate nutrients for their lunch and dinner. Working mothers, sometimes make do with a frugal lunch, which may not give them enough energy needed to get through the day. 

In this ClipBook, we have put together some mouth-watering, healthy and quick recipes that moms can try and pack for their weekday lunch. There are in interesting recipes, such as egg and vegetable scramble, mini pizzas, coconut rice, beans thoran and so on. Check it out and enjoy making lunch.      


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Vegetable Wrap

When hunger strikes, you need something quick and delicious to satisfy your hunger pangs. And there's nothing like a loaded wrap with vegetables to do the task.

Coconut Rice

In this delicious Coconut Rice recipe, you will be able to savour the satiating texture and nutty flavour of coconut perked up with a traditional tempering of mustard seeds and dals.


Poha is one of the most simple and delicious recipes made of flattened rice. It is not only tasty but is loaded with nutrients to keep busy mothers going the whole day.

Oat Soup Recipe

Oats soup is one of the easiest ways of getting oats into your daily diet. It is simple to make with very few ingredients needed and can be served as a healthy meal with a slice of bread

Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

Sandwiches are not only simple and delicious but the best part about them is they can be made in a matter of minutes. This grilled vegetable will provide instant energy to busy mothers.

Quick Recipes

These quick recipes are perfect for busy mornings, tired evenings and even cooking for unexpected guests.

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