Purple Potatoes

Purple Potatoes May Pack Anti-Cancer Punch

Peter Piper picked a peck of purple potatoes. If he did pick a peck of the colorful vegetable, he may have helped his health. Compounds found in purple potatoes appear to be able to kill colon cancer stem cells and limit the spread of the cancer i...

Purple Potatoes Nutrition Facts

Purple potatoes are a type of potato popular in South America, with their origins in Peru and Bolivia. These potatoes have many uses and a striking purple color that can brighten up any dish. Besides adding color to your table, these potatoes can ...

Potatoes May Help Lower Blood Pressure. Purple Ones, That Is

Pity the potato. It's widely blamed for the fattening of America . But a small new study found that daily consumption of a certain type of potato -- purple ones, that is --- can help lower blood pressure, without causing weight gain. The research,...

How To Cook Purple Potatoes, Facts And Tips

Potatoes come in different colors and sizes, but one variety will surprise you the most and that one is the purple. You may be thinking why? Well, because they are way rarer than the russet and red variety which can be found almost anywhere. The p...

Roasted Garlic Mashed Purple Potatoes

Roasting garlic and thyme in olive oil infuses them with a heady flavor that makes a luxurious addition to these mashed potatoes. Purple potatoes make a delightful lavender mash, but you can use white potatoes if you prefer.

Purple Potatoes

Near , Texas, United States Near , Hawaii, United States Near , Wisconsin, United States Near , Washington, United States Spotter's comments : Purple Potatoes spotted at Pike Place Market. Purple Peruvian Potatoes will be delicious scalloped and s...

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Purple Potatoes

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Purple Potatoes