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Protect Your Child's Online Image

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From that first ultra sound image of your little one, to the picture of her first smile, first tooth, first steps, first day of school, we love sharing (and flaunting) the important milestones of our child to friends and relatives through online portals. But do you know, that once your baby’s picture is on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, it can be used by anyone for anything?

According to an article in Think U Know, “On most social networks the default is that any other service user can access your pictures, which may also appear in internet search results. Remember that anyone who can see a photo can also download or screenshot it, and could go on to share it.” Ownership of your baby’s image is also a major concern highlighted by this article. “Under the terms and conditions, when you share a photo you licence the network to use and reproduce your image, and grant it the right to licence it for use by third parties.” Basically, once you upload the picture, it could be used for commercial purposes too, by anyone.

Despite the detriments of digital and social media sharing of your children's image, there are many safety procedures you could take to ensure those images are not misused. An article in says, “Most social media sites that allow photo sharing -- Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr, to name a few -- offer custom privacy settings. For any albums that include photos of your children, set the privacy controls to custom, and allow only those few family members and friends whom you pick to view them.” The article also advises you to use a watermark in the image and lower the resolution.

For more such protective measures and guidelines, read this ClipBook. Then, you can post your child’s photo online with much less fear and much more safety.


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