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Pros And Cons Of Technology For Children


With technology seeping into our everyday lives, both parents and children are getting hooked to gadgets like smartphones, televisions and video games. However, just like every coin has two sides, technology too has its share of pros and cons.

Newspapers, television and the web are filled with stories of children falling prey to cyberbullying or phishing. Every other day there is at least one story that talks about how someone fell victim to cybercrime. Also, technology like video games has made children lethargic, with many spending time indoors instead of going out and playing. According to an article titled 'The Truth About Kids and Tech' published in timeforkids.com, children generally spend an hour each day being active; however, for gamers, the average time spent doing physical activity tends to drop to 47 minutes!

But apart from providing entertainment, technology can also be used for educating children by giving them easier access to information. Integrating technology with school education can help improve students’ grades. According to an article titled 'Pros and cons of technology in childhood learning' published in kumon.co.uk, 'Technology can also allow children to represent their work through graphic designs by creating graphs, typing assignments and learning other skills which are likely to be invaluable throughout their working lives. Children’s learning can be enhanced in this way with specialist programs, and even basic functions such as spell check in word documents can help learning to become more intuitive.'

How your child makes use of technology matters more than anything. To know more about the various pros and cons of technology for children, please read through the ClipBook. 


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