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Pros And Cons Of Homeschooling

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Abraham Lincoln, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Thomas Edison, Ben Franklin...these great leaders all had something in common. As you would have guessed, yes, they were all homeschooled.

Sleeping in late, doing school work in pyjamas, learning from mom and dad inexpensively in the safety of home with more time to do other activities, homechooling seem like it has a lot of positives attached, both for the child and parents.

The reason most parents refrain from homeschooling is the fear of upbringing an unsocialised child. An article in GregTrimble.com explains, “We don’t need public school for socialization. Why not seek a more controlled environment for socializing our kids? Sport teams, clubs, extended family, and.. how about your own immediate families? Kids are influenced easy and they prefer to be influenced by their mom and dad.” o take efforts to socialise with your child, and he will fare much better than in a peer pressure and bullies-filled environment of schools.

Amidst all the pros, the only thing that homeschooling parents should worry about is themselves. Homeschooling your child means you will probably not have any time for yourself. You will have to put your family life and child’s interests and needs before yours, and if you are okay with that, then nothing else should stop you from homeschooling your kid.

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