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Pros And Cons Of Alternative Education For Children

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Alternative Schools: Pros And Cons

Education is not one size fits all - some students struggle with the traditional American high school experience. For these teens, alternative high schools can represent a different environment that allows them to thrive. Learn more about the pote...

Alternative Educational Platforms

Homeschooling is the education of children in the home as opposed to within a formal setting of a public or private school. Home education is usually conducted by a parent or tutor where traditional school education is taught by a certified and en...

Choosing A School: Know The Options

Your local public school is close by and probably where most of the neighborhood kids go. But it isn’t the only option if your child has learning and attention issues. In addition to online schools and homeschooling, there are many types of school...

School Suspensions: Ways To Improve

The focus of this article is to provide insight to student misbehavior and provide some food for thought in improving the suspension system.

How Alternative Schools Score Better Than Regular Ones In India

To love one's children is to be in complete communication with them: it is to see that they have the right kind of education that will help them to be sensitive, intelligent and integrated.

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