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Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

Child Protection

Child sexual abuse is a very real and present danger. How can you detect and prevent child sexual abuse?

Child sexual abuse is the use of a child for sexual gratification by an adult or an older child. This can happen to both boys and girls. It is a crime punishable by the law. “Talking about child sexual abuse with your child may seem difficult, but the possible consequences of not talking with your child are even worse— that they may be sexually abused and not know where to turn for help,” according to

You are the most important adult in your children’s life and to be concerned about their safety. Although you cannot always be by their side, you can teach them how to build self-protective behaviour. Personal safety education is a must. Every child has a right to be safe and feel safe. Coach your child on good touch and bad touch.

Sexual abuse is more likely to be detected by indications through behavior than by physical indications. Vulnerable children are easy victims. Child abusers are predators and prey on children who have family problems, are alone at home and are unsupervised. Children who lack self-esteem and confidence are usually loners and become easy targets for sexual predators. A number of children are sexually abused before their eighteenth birthday. 93% of abuse is committed by a person known to the family. Teach your child to be alert.

This information is available in detail in this ClipBook. It will serve as an eye-opener and guide on the issue of child sexual abuse.

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Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse is the use of a child for sexual gratification by an older or more powerful person. The offender is usually an adult, but could also be a more powerful child. Both girls and boys are vulnerable. Besides being a public health con...

Teaching Children About Personal Safety

The concept of Personal Safety Education works to allow every child the right to feel safe all the time, using a methodology that promotes the safety of self against abuse.

Role Of Parents In Ensuring Child Safety

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Good Touch Vs Bad Touch

As a parent, it is your duty to coach your child on the basics of good touch and bad touch. This guide should help you.

Indicators & Effects

Sexual abuse is more likely to be identified through behavioral indicators, rather than by physical indicators.

How Predators Choose Their Victims

Any child may be victimized. Not surprisingly, predators often target children with obvious vulnerabilities. Children with family problems, who spend time alone and unsupervised, who lack confidence and self-esteem, and who are isolated from their...

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