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About Pretty Dolls Preschool

Pretty Dolls caters to the age group of 2.5 to 10 year old kids. We have a kids library for literary skills, KG lab with full of activities, water play and sand pit for aesthetic development, puppet theatre for language skill and technical toys li...


The Classrooms has been designed with special tables and chairs for kids with a neat and clean environment.

Play Area

Play is the medium of instruction. It is an important part of a developmentally appropriate child care program. It is also closely tied to the development of cognitive, socio - emotional, and physical behaviours.


The purpose of transportation requirements is to establish standards for the safe transportation of children. School Van service is available for kids.

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Pretty Dolls Play School

Pretty Dolls Play School, Pretty Dolls Play SchoolPretty Dolls Play School
We follow Play way method of teaching.