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Preparing Your Preschooler For A Sibling


Sibling rivalry can be a real bother for parents, more so in case of a new born child. The older child, usually a toddler, sees the new entrant into the family as his rival. This can sometimes lead to aggressive behaviour, and in some extreme cases, trying to hurt the baby.

According to an article titled, Sibling rivalry when a new baby arrives, published in, ‘Many children experience feelings of jealousy towards their new brother or sister, and may convey these feelings through resorting to more ‘babyish’ behaviour, such as having tantrums or refusing to use the potty even though they have been successfully potty-trained for a while. This is all perfectly natural, and is their way of expressing their feelings of frustration, and confusion about their role in your life and their place in the family.’

In such a scenario, parents need to learn how to help the older child cope with the arrival of his sibling. As young children find it difficult to understand complex issues, it is up to the parents to explain that the baby is his sibling who is equally important to the family, and will be his best friend for the rest of his life.

To know more about how to manage your toddler when a new born child arrives, flip through this ClipBook.


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