Pre-adoptive Counselling

Central Adoption Resource Agency (Cara)

The purpose of CARA is to ensure that every orphan, destitute and surrendered child has a loving and caring family. CARA provides pre-adoptive counselling for families.

Ours By Choice - The Process Of Adoption

Ours by Choice, by Nilima Mehta is a comprehensive book on adoption in India. She talks about the fundamental questions of adoption, infertility and parenthood; whom to approach procedures and paperwork getting ready to adopt; home study and couns...

Why Adoption Needs A Support Group Such As This

Meet this couple who established Bangalore's only adoption support group after having adopted themselves! And they're doing amazing stuff. This is a video fr...

Adopting A Baby Girl Changed Their Life Forever

In an India that continues the fight against female infanticide, here's the story of a young couple that adopted a little girl. Their's is a story you should...

Queries On Adoption Answered

Looking to adopt a child in India? Find information on adoption in India, adoption rules in India, adoption laws in India, adoption process in India, international adoption India, NRI adoption India. Share and discuss your adoption concerns, adopt...

Open Adoption

When they found out we adopted, people often ask us why we chose to have an open adoption rather than a closed adoption. Open adoption is when adoptive families establish a relationship with the birth family of the child.

Pre-Adoption Counselling

The adoptive couples that come to adoption agencies in India often come with lot of anxiety, apprehension and sometimes misconceptions about the process of adoption. To dispel doubts and establish a positive rapport with the prospective adoptive p...

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Pre-adoptive Counselling

Complete preparedness is very important for people who wish to adopt a child. Here is where pre-adoptive counselling comes to play.