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Praising Children: How Much Is Too Much?


The famous English writer, Samuel Johnson, once said, “Praise, like gold and diamonds, owes its value only to its scarcity.” While it is good to praise children for their achievements, praising them for everything they do can push can be harmful. It can make your child crave for praise and attention, but make him wary of criticisms. This will lead to problems later in life.

According to Lisa Firestone's article, 'Are we overpraising our children?', published in Psychology Today, "Research has shown that there are positive effects of praising children, but it depends on what kind of praise we’re dishing out. A recent Stanford Study of toddlers showed that praising effort, not talent, leads to greater motivation and more positive attitudes toward challenges down the road."

So, how can parents draw the line and decide on how much praise is too much? Heather Hatfield in her article, 'The Right Way to Praise Your Kids', published in WebMD, says that parents should praise the effort, not the outcomes. She further says, "Experts say that the quality of praise is more important than the quantity. If praise is sincere and genuine and focused on the effort, not the outcome, you can give it as often as your child does something that warrants a verbal reward."

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Overpraising Our Children

Research has shown that there are positive effects of praising children, but it depends on what kind of praise we’re dishing out. The problem with many parents hoping to boost their child’s self-esteem isn’t that they’re praising; it’s that they’r...

Are Our Children Overpraised?

It has become common in recent years for parents to be warned about the dangers of praise. We are told that frequent praise, although intended to bolster a child’s self-confidence and self-esteem, may instead create increased anxiety and ultimatel...

What Every Parent Needs To Know About Praise

If you think you should always praise your child, you may be surprised to hear that research shows that praise, at least as we usually give it to children in this culture often backfires.

When Does Praising My Child Become Overpraising?

Psychologist Susan Bartell says that the biggest mistake parents can make is to overpraise their child or underpraise their child, and not to praise in a specific way.

The Risks Of Overpraising Young Children

Positive praise is far more powerful than ‘empty’ praise. A positive way to offer praise without overdoing it is a process called ‘mirroring’ which involves naming exactly what a child has done.

How Overpraising Can Lead To Narcissistic Kids

Psychologists have long warned parents to deliver praise with caution. The right words can build a child's confidence and self-worth, while the wrong words even when spoken with good intentions may do harm.

Children With Low Self-Esteem Respond Worse To Overpraise

Parents often praise children with low self-esteem, in an effort to boost their esteem. But this inclination can backfire, and make children with low self-esteem less ambitious.

The Right Way To Praise Your Kids

A lot of moms and dads struggle with finding the right balance when it comes to praising their children: How much is too much? How much is too little? Is quantity that important, or is it the quality of praise that really matters?

Effectively P-Raising Your Child

Let’s face it - As mothers and fathers, we all use the words, ‘no’ and ‘don’t’ more often than others. We tend to believe that we mean well in our remonstrations, trying to teach our children valuable lessons, or to get them to behave. Alternative...

The Right (And Wrong) Way To Praise Your Kids

For most parents today, giving your children a pat on the back when they succeed is second nature. With little children, it can be a teaching tool to help reinforce good habits.

Simple Tips To Avoid Overpraising Children

A quiet, loving presence is deeply affirming to a child. Anything else can be a distraction and verbal clutter. Here are few simple tips to avoid overpraising your children.

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