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Practising Gratitude Is Good For Your Child's Health

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Are you worried that your child is growing up to be materialistic and ungrateful? Perhaps, it is time you teach her to practise gratitude. According to research, children who feel and express gratitude are more likely to have better relationships and better physical health than other children.

Gratitude can be taught. Be a role model to instil politeness in your child.

Flip through the ClipBook to know the benefits of gratitude and its importance.


Want Your Kid To Be Successful? Teach Him Gratitude

As a parent, you have a major impact on your child’s understanding of the word 'gratitude'. Take the time to reflect on your own attitude to gratitude and how you project your views onto your child.

Gratitude For Happiness And Health

According to research, gratitude has a number of potential health benefits. It helps improve mental and physical health, creates happiness, protects from stress and negativity, and much more.

Ways To Teach Your Child Gratitude

Want your child to be grateful for what he or she has? Here is a roundup of surprisingly simple ways for teaching your child gratitude.

How Cultivating Gratitude Improves Your Child’S Well-Being And Achievement

It’s a given that most parents want to raise their children to be grateful. We intuitively believe that being grateful will lead to a number of good habits and qualities: politeness, humility, and respect. Learn how to show your children the benef...

Science Finds Being Grateful Has Positive Health Benefits

According to a study from the University of California, San Diego’s School of Medicine found that people who are more grateful have better health. Gratitude works because, as a way of perceiving and interpreting life, it recruits other positive em...

Practising Gratitude And Why It's So Important

Parents must teach their child the importance of saying thank you at an early age. But how many have truly instructed them in the art of being grateful? Read on to know more...

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