Posture Maintenance

Why Good Posture Is So Important For Children

Good posture is so vital in the proper functioning of the body, but what does having bad posture really mean and what are some of the signs to look out for in your kids?The most important thing to know, is that posture is a habit.A habit can be le...

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Posture is the position in which you hold your body and limbs when standing, sitting or lying down. To have good posture means that you need to be aware of always holding yourself in a way that puts the least strain on your back, whatever you are ...

Children And Posture Webpage

Many teachers are interested in the future health of their students, and are aware of the importance of good posture, but find it difficult, if not impossible, to convince their students to sit correctly. It is therefore necessary to understand wh...

Healthy Posture Tips For Your Kids

Poor posture in a child can develop into bigger problems in the adult, but it can be remedied by a chiropractor. So, how do you identify poor posture and how do you remedy it? Check up on your child's posture Kneel or stand behind your child as th...

6 Exercises To Fight Bad Posture In Kids

There is a silent plague striking children today. You won’t hear about it on the evening news, and few doctors will talk about it, choosing instead to focus on the general issues of obesity and juvenile diabetes. Yet, this plague is striking more ...

Good Posture And Care Of The Spine

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Posture Maintenance

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Your Child Isn't Maintaining a proper posture ?