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Positive Effects Of Cartoons On Kids

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Cartoons are a great source of entertainment for kids and adults alike. Growing up, we all used to watch different types of cartoons and enjoyed them. Cartoons are not only fun and games. In fact, they are a proven tool of learning and mental development for children.

These cartoons are an important part of childhood and play a significant role in enhancing creativity, boosting concentration and making learning fun. Many animated features these days, are so well conceptualised that they make a lasting impact of children.

Want to know how? This ClipBook looks at the positive effects of cartoons on kids. 


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Enhances Creativity

Cartooning is a fine example of the use of creative thinking. You can see a different perception of the world through the eyes of the cartoonist. Cartooning embraces many aspects of creativity and encapsulate all aspects of life - from the serious...

Boosts Mental Health

Kids' cartoons can be a support treatment because they incorporate themes like community order, friendship, family, teamwork, that good always wins over evil, and that the sun will always come out tomorrow. In short, they boost mental health.

Helps In Learning

A number of studies show how viewing television and other media can contribute to children’s learning. Children have been known to improve their math and literacy skills from watching “educational” cartoon shows such as Sesame Street.

Eases Stress And Anxiety

Your kid may be suffering from an anxiety disorder or just enduring a particularly stressful week at work, but whatever he is going through, watching cartoons helps to ease the stress.

Boosts Concentration

Children between the ages of 3-5years are full of energy and low on attention-their attention keeps wandering every few seconds. Cartoons might help. Know how by reading this article.

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