Population Control

Reasons Of Population Explosion And Its Consequences

We know we have a problem but to solve a problem we need to know the cause for an effective action plan. Read on to find the reasons why population explodes and why it needs to be controlled.

Empowering Women May Not Help In Population Control

Any reduction in population rates, therefore, falls on women having fewer children. The fact is that it is in the very poorest countries where women have the most children, on average.

Exposing The Global Population Control Agenda

The United States National Security Council is the highest decision-making body on foreign policy in the United States. On December 10, 1974, it promulgated a top secret document entitled National Security Study Memorandum 200, also called The Kis...

10 Effective Ways To Control Population

One of the gravest development issues most developing countries in the world are facing is population. Excessive population has various adverse effects including undue pressure on natural resources. More people mean more consumption. Listed here a...

India’S Population Policies

No government in India has successfully formulated policies to manage the country’s human population growth, which stands at 1.6% a year, down from a high of about 2.3% in the 1970s.

What The Government Should Do

Every year India adds more people than any other country in the world - about 18 million, much larger than about 7 million in China. Some of its populous states have more people than many large countries. It is high time that government took some ...

History Of Population Control In India

With a current population of 1.21 billion, India is set to become the world’s most populous country by 2030, and there are no other countries likely to ever rival this status. Since 1931, India has nearly quadrupled in size from 279 million people...

Where Has The Strategy Faltered?

By 2016, less than 20 years from now, the population will be 1.26 billion making India the most populous country. If the mass literacy programmes go on at the present dismal pace, half the population will be illiterate and more than 380 million un...

The Success And Failure Of China's One Child Law

China’s one-child law is now marking its 30th anniversary. The one-child law has indeed blocked the birth of 400 million children and has allowed a greater enrichment of families, a reduction of government expenditure on health and housing, to pla...

Family Planning Programs

While many researchers generally credit the desire for smaller families for the decline in fertility rates in developing, low-income countries, new research suggests that prevention of unwanted births may actually be a larger factor.

Indonesia's Family Planning Program Has Become A Model For The World

More than 70% of its residents were illiterate and earned less than $50 a year. Muslim clerics raged in their pulpits against birth control. Rural people favored huge families as a way of working the farm. This strategy has overcome staggering obs...

Family Planning Programme In India

Family Planning Programme India launched a nation wide Family Planning Programme in 1952, which was later, expanded to cover maternal and child health, family welfare and nutrition. Let's see how effective it has been.

Population Growth Of India: Myths Vs Realities

There are lot of things we hear everyday. Some of the things sound too real to be false. But there is always a myth and a reality. Find out what you know about population growth is correct and what is just a myth.

Effects Of Overpopulation On The Environment And Society

Human population is growing like never before.The list of problems this is causing, or at least complicating, is a long one.

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Population Control

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An overcrowded nation is a nation's nightmare. A nation with lesser people can have more to provide and hence the control is needed.