Podar Jumbo Kids Plus - Meilayout

Podar Jumbo Kids Plus - Meilayout

With over 89 years of experience within the educational space, the Podar group is now a network of 94 educational institutions spread across the nation. Podar Jumbo Kids Plus - Meilayout, in Bangalore caters to the age group from 8 months to 12 ye...


The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth. Here at Podar Jumbo Kids - Meilayout, we teach through EYFS curriculum which is governed by UK government.

Play Area

Play usually increases Social Competence among kids which is also very important for early childhood brain development. Our School has a huge Outdoor Play Area for kids to play around and relax.


As our School is more concerned about the safety of kids, we have CCTV cameras installed throughout the campus.


School Van service is available for kids which serves all major residential areas of the city and its suburbs.

Kids Taken To Field Trips

Going on field trips in early years gives them educational experiences away from their regular School. At Podar Jumbo Kids Plus - Meilayout, we take kids to field trips throughout the year. Few places kids visited previous year were Post Office, V...

Festivals Celebrated

We celebrate various festivals at School throughout the year. Few festivals specially celebrated at School are Christmas, Eid Celebrations, Diwali and all other festivals.

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Podar Jumbo Kids Plus - Meilayout

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