Podar Jumbo Kids Plus - Banaswadi

Podar Jumbo Kids - Banaswadi

Podar Jumbo Kids - Banaswadi caters to the age group 6 months to 8 years. We offer Brain Bear Toddler to Senior KG level and Day Care Programs. In addition to these programs we also provide In - house training to our teachers on early childhood ca...

Play Time

Play helps young children to develop their imagination and creativity. At our School we have a Sand and Water Play Area, Gardening Zone, Physical Zone, Social Zone and Transition Zone for kids to play and relax. We also have Indoor Play Area which...

Taekwondo For Kids

Taekwondo which is a Korean Martial Art also emphasizes moral development. The kids at Podar Jumbo Kids - Banaswadi are taught Taekwondo and are benefited with heightened concentration. They are also taught other Martial Arts and Yoga at School.

Social Awarness Projects

One needs to develop Social Awareness among kids to bring them up as caring, capable and responsible adults. Our School has taken initiative to regularly conduct Social Awareness projects like ‘Workshops on Good touch and Bad touch', 'Road safety...

Special Days Celebrated At School

*Father’s Day<br>*International Mud Day celebration<br>*Hug the trees<br>*Ganesha Chathurthi<br>*Holi Celebration <br>*Every year on 15th August Independence Day we also celebrate ‘Grandparents’ day’<br>*Gandhi Jayanthi <br>*Theme - based sports ...

Value Added Programs

* Sensory Spa for Children<br>*Smart Digital Board for teaching<br>*Parenting Workshops are conducted annually<br>*Articles, periodicals and magazines are shared with parents on parenting tips.

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Podar Jumbo Kids Plus - Banaswadi

Podar Jumbo Kids, Banaswadi, Podar Jumbo Kids, BanaswadiPodar Jumbo Kids, Banaswadi
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