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About Us

Our School was established in the year 2013. Jumbo Kids is part of the Podar Education Group, which is a dynamic, constantly evolving nucleus, imparting education at various levels since 1927. The first president of the Podar Group was Mahatma Gan...


KIDUCATION is the core educational belief of Podar Jumbo Kids Early Childhood Centers. KIDUCATION as the name suggests is education from the point of view of the child’s development and so KIDUCATION ensures that the activities and learning that k...

Academics And Other Programs

We at Podar Jumbo Kids - Nagarabhavi follow EYFS (Early Years foundation Stage) curriculum for the students. Also we have other programs like day care, abacus, IOTA, karate and other activities.

Infrastructure And Facilities

We have Classrooms with CCTV and attached washrooms. Safety and security is ensured through CCTV, watch man and the grill surrounding the School. The library has a wide range of books to accommodate children of age group 2-12 years. Also jungle jy...

Awareness Class

We at Podar Jumbo Kids - Nagarabhavi organised a session for the children to learn about 'good touch and bad touch'.

Theme Of The Month

The theme for the June month was various jobs people do where the kids learnt more about people and their work (fireman, postman, policeman, doctor, teacher and many more). As a part of this the Junior KG children visited police station.

International Mud Day And Father's Day Celebrations

We celebrated International Mud day and Father's day in our School where our students enjoyed the day along with their parents dancing, playing, etc. Parents had a great role in making the event successful.

The End

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Podar Jumbo Kids - Nagarabhavi

Podar Jumbo Kids - Nagarabhavi, Podar Jumbo Kids - NagarabhaviPodar Jumbo Kids - Nagarabhavi
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