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About Us

Podar Jumbo Kids - Electronic City was established in 24 October, 2012. We have passionate staff taking extremely good care of the toddlers. The strength of our school at present is 138 and we have 11 teachers. Our school provides a child - friend...

Programs Offered

⦿ Playschool<br>⦿ Nursery<br>⦿ Junior KG<br>⦿ Senior KG

Value Added Programs

We organise a lot of Value Added Programs at School like Science Experiments, Dance, Yoga, Art and Craft and lot more.


3 level gate security, CCTV surveillance, security guard with the other child friendly environment were provided.


The Classrooms has been designed with special tables and chairs for kids with a neat and clean environment. We also provide age based toys, equipment, various learning materials as it can enhance teaching methods and improve student comprehension.


The infrastructure consists of children friendly and hygienic environment, Library, a dedicated room for games and activities, sand play area and water - play pool, various colourful toys for different age groups available. We also have transport...

Summer Camp Finale

The most memorable event where we saw our tiny tots perform happily on the stage. This proved that they enjoyed to the fullest during the camp. It was a pleasure for all the staff and parents to see them in the various cultural outfits of India.

Annual Sports Meet

The participation in organised sports offers the chance for kids to enhance their physical and social skills.

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Podar Jumbo Kids - Electronic City

Podar Jumbo Kids - Singhasandra, Podar Jumbo Kids - SinghasandraPodar Jumbo Kids - Singhasandra
Kids are always happy, smiling and joyous at Podar Jumbo Kids. Scroll on to know more on Podar Jumbo Kids in Electronic City, Banglore.