Play Tents For Children

Tip: How To Make A Play Tent For Kids

Our DIY specialist, Shelley Bergh shows you how easy it is to make a play tent for your kids Follow us on http://www.you.co.za, http://www.facebook.com/YOUma...

15 Ways To Make Tent (Diy Tent) - Craftionary

Ways to make tent (DIY tent). Make play tent for kids in 15 different ways with tutorial to help you make. Great reading space for kids in summer and indoor

Collapsible Fabric Play Tent...For Kids! | Make It And Love It

Hi, I am in progress with making an A frame tent for my son, and a friend for Christmas. The problem we are running into is the dowel slips right out of the top part causing a collapse. We used the 3/4’s dowels and a 3/4s bit. However snug the fit...

25 Stunning Play Tents To Buy Or Diy

Every kid loves a small space to call their own. I rounded up 25 of the most inspiring play tents for kids, many of which include tutorials for you to make your own. And for those of us that are not especially handy, I’ve included some surprisingl...

Be Still My Heart: 10 Diy Play Tents And Teepees - Shoes Off Please

Play tents and teepees are the stuff of my dreams childhood wonder. Seriously though, as a kid I relished any “secret” space that I could call my own and think of all the wonderful adventures that could happen in there! I really want one eventuall...

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Play Tents For Children

Make your children's holidays fun and amazing.