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Planning A Family Vacation

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Destination, tickets, transport, packing, hotels, travel, clothes, food, kids, money, budget, shopping, activities.. Sigh.. Planning a perfect vacation for your family can be extremely exhausting and demanding.

An article in Mommy Poppins explains the difficulty of planning processes, but also says how important are these holiday stints for your family. “Great travel is the holy grail of family time: To see the world, expand our horizons, and experience unforgettable adventures together is everything we want our family time to be, all wrapped into one. The reality is that planning a big trip can be so daunting you want to throw up your hands and just stay at home.” But, as the article states, there is no substitute for quality time spent with your family.

On top of handling the logistics of the vacation, it is important not to forget basic planning strategies. “Don’t share the burden of any one duty while travelling. Packing for example. One person packs and knows where everything is. Two people pack and no one really knows where anything is. Same with hotels. One person plans them, arranges them, and books them,” advices an article in, about sharing the planning work with your spouse.

If you follow the tips compiled by us in this ClipBook, you can learn to plan an ‘unforgettable’ family vacation. And the memories you will make together with your family will last a lifetime.


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