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Planning A Backup Career Option

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“Always have a backup plan to the backup plan.” ― Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl

Planning a career usually involves the participation of the entire family. Opting to pursue a successful career in one of the high paying jobs has always been the typical choice in most families. But in today’s unstable times of economic downturn, layoffs, and a highly competitive job market, it is not always easy to secure employment in a career of choice. Therefore, it is necessary for job aspirants to have a backup career plan.

So, how can a you come up with a backup career plan for your child?

According to the article, ‘Allow Your Child to Pursue Alternative Careers’, in indiaparenting.com, “If you feel that your child is talented in a particular field, you should try to encourage your child to pursue a career in that field. If such talent is polished and pursued as a career in future by your child, it will definitely bring a lot of success to your child.”

An easy way to devise a backup career plan is to first identify your child’s top skills and then search for areas where those skillsets can be applied. Pursuing an unconventional career is also a good option. Dance, choreography, fashion designing, social work, diet and nutrition are some of the alternative careers that are slowly gaining a wider acceptance.

According to psychologytoday.com, “Remember that it's not what you can do with your degrees, it's what you can do with all your skills, experiences, knowledge and education.”

You can learn more about backup career options by flipping through the pages of this ClipBook.


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