Plan Finance Before Planning A Baby !

How To Plan Finances Before Planning A Baby

The first thing that hits you after your initial euphoria on discovering pregnancy, is the number of doctor visits and tests which become a part of your routine. Even in the early stages, it is easy to assess that having a baby is a costly affair!...

Preparing Your Finances For Pregnancy | What To Expect

Your life will never be the same — and neither will your wallet. The expenses begin adding up as soon as you become pregnant. From the first prenatal visit to college graduation day (and beyond), there will never be another event in your life that...

A Nine-Month Plan For Getting Your Family's Finances In Order

If you're an expectant parent, you have probably learned enough medical terminology to pass for a fledgling ob-gyn, grasping complexities like alfa-fetoprotein levels and epidural anesthesiology. But studies indicate that you should be paying as m...

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Plan Finance Before Planning A Baby !

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How to plan finances before planning a baby