Pigeon Racing

Pigeon Racing

training, breeding, feeding, and managing racing pigeons in a small pigeon loft is a great hobby and sport, enjoyed by millions of pigeon fanciers from all w...

American Racing Pigeon Union | Homing Pigeons | Sport Flyers

Join the great sport of pigeon racing with the American Racing Pigeon Union. Find out why homing pigeons are so much fun. Learn to build your own lofts. The AU ARPU has over 90 years of experience with these flyers. Found a lost pigeon? Locate it...

Long Distance Racing Pigeons By Joe Richir - Racing Pigeon

E. Lang Miller - Van Loon - Sions - leen boers - Hofkens - Janssen racing pigeons. These are a few of the performance birds that have earned a spot in Joe Ri...

Pigeon Racing - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

Pigeon racing is the sport of releasing specially trained racing pigeons, which then return to their homes over a carefully measured distance. The time it takes the animal to cover the specified distance is measured and the bird's rate of travel i...

Pigeon Racing And Racing Pigeons Secrets | The Pigeon Insider

There are many roads that lead to success in this particular subject, and although they all have some measure of success, there are methods that may cause the pigeons to […]

The Royal Pigeon Racing Association | The Premier Organisation For Pigeon Racing In The Uk

The One Loft Young Birds auction is now open until the afternoon of Saturday 31st October (split times according to lots numbers). Please note the important note on the auction home page about the maximum bid facility. Click on the image to go the...

High Flying Investments: Prices For Racing Pigeons Soar On Demand From China

To most city dwellers, pigeons are vermin to be shooed from park benches and warned off window ledges with spikes. Gourmands might contend that spatchcocked squabs can make a nice Sunday lunch. But pay more than 100,000 euros for a pigeon? It’s be...

Pigeon Racing Industry In The Philippines- Agribusiness Season 1 Episode 12 Part 1

Since then pigeons are part of the Filipino culture. Get to know the booming industry of Pigeon Racing in the Philippines. Agribusiness - How It Works, Sundays ...

Benny Steveninck - Stars Of Pigeon Racing Sport [Eng]

3th film from the series Stars of Pigeon Racing Sport http://www.videolotnik.pl/2014/10/benny-steveninck-gwiazdy-sportu.html ...

Racing Pigeon Race Regional Andalusia Nambroca, Spain 2014

Racing Pigeon Race Regional Andalusia Nambroca, Spain 2014 Here a small story about that video on my website: ...

Time Flies: A Pigeon Racing Documentary

A documentary I made on pigeon racing for a student project at University.

Gpfa - Racing Pigeon / Candelaria Fun Race & Training 2010


History Of Pigeon Racing - Alagang Magaling Episode 1-Pt 1

Mr Jimi Lim explains the history of pigeon racing and the Founding of Philippine Homing Pigeon Association (PHA)

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Pigeon Racing

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Pigeon racing