Pets And Children With Special Needs

Pets And Children With Special Needs

Pets are great companions for children with special needs. With their adoring eyes and the quick wags of their little tails they communicate with special children through a special language of their own.

Pet Therapy: Animals As Co-Therapists

There are many terms used to describe ways in which animals can help rehabilitate and heal people with special needs. These include 'pet therapy,' 'pet facilitated therapy,' or 'animal-assisted therapy.' Pets can help people with a variety of ment...

Pet Ownership For Children With Special Needs

If you have a child with additional needs related to ADHD, processing disorders, learning disabilities or behavioral issues, you may have noticed that he or she is calmer and more connected around domestic animals. A family-friendly pet may be ben...

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Pets And Children With Special Needs

Priscilla Josephine Sarah SPriscilla Josephine Sarah S
Having a pet can do wonders to the mental and emotional health of special children. Here's more on this...