Perks Of Raising Twins

'Cuteness Overloaded' - Do Not Miss This Adorable Video

Double the cute, Double the happiness! Babies laughing is cute already, but two identical laughing babies is beyond adorable! Twin babies laughing is sure to make your day.

Twin Babies Talk And Hold Hands For The First Time.

Two identical twin girls are finally realizing they can talk to each other as well as hold hands. How sweet is that? Such a precious moment.

The Best Routines For Twin Babies

Here is what's a perfect twin-baby schedule for the multitasking multiples mom? Click on the link to know 'A fairly flexible eating-sleeping-playing routine that makes the early months with your darling duo much more manageable'.

Here Are Few Advices And Tips On Raising Twins.

I think that the most interesting aspect of having twins is it makes you realize there are many things you have no control over. So much of their personalities are hard wired.

'I Manage To Keep My Precious Pair Loved And Fed', Says Jennifer Benjamin

I hear over and over, "Wow, I don't know how you do it." Honestly, as the mother of identical twin toddlers, there are days when I have no freaking clue either. Twin parents are doubly blessed, but with quadruple the stress, especially during the...

Here Is How To Bottle Feed Twins

The Layman shows how to effectively feed twin babies simultaneously.

Hair Care For Twins!

Here is a video on how to protect your baby's hair, learn hair care tips and other effective parenting skills for raising twins.

Clothing Tips For Twins!

Learn clothing tips and other effective parenting skills for raising twins.

Incredible True Stories About Twins.

There are some pretty weird stories out there that revolve around twins. Some of them are interesting and others are seemingly more supernatural. Check this link out!

Its One Mom's View!

Angel, the mother of twins stays up to date on all things dealing with kids and babies. She also shares the journey of her pregnancy story with her viewers.

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Perks Of Raising Twins

Life with twins may be crazy, but it does have its advantages. Here are it!